If I purchase from you do I own or rent the shelves?

You own the shelves you purchase from Campus Shelving. When you move out of your room the shelves are yours to keep and use at your next room. We will be offering a new service next spring to pick up your shelf at the end of the semester, store it over the summer, and move back in, the next fall. Pricing has not been determined yet but it will be significantly less to use this option than rent for 2 years.


Do the shelves disassemble for easier moving and storage?

The Over the Bed shelf can be deconstructed for easier transport and storage. To do so, safely lay it face down (use multiple people as the shelf can be heavy) and unscrew the back panels with a phillips head screwdriver. Next using the same screwdriver unlock the shelves from the vertical supports by turning the camlocks on the underside of the shelves a quarter turn counterclockwise. The assembly instructions included with your shelves can be accessed here.


How do you know where to deliver my shelves?

During checkout we collect your AU student email address. Using this information we coordinate to deliver and install your shelves.


Are the shelves safe?

We engineered our shelving to be secure and safe to use. The Over the Bed Shelf is freestanding and installed with its back against the wall. The bed then nests into it securing it against the wall. It should never be installed where it is not against the wall or where bed is not nested in it.


What if I want to move my bed or desk in my room?

All of our shelves are movable. The Desk Hutch sits on top the desk, just take it off the desk before moving it. For the Over the Bed Shelf, two people can easily move it to a new location in the room. Make sure the back of the shelf is against the wall and the bed is firmly against the shelf.


Will the Over the Bed Shelf work if I loft my bed?

The Over the Bed Shelf is designed to work with a raised bed. Whether using the notches on the bed or bed risers, there still is room to slide the bed under it. In the Village you can still raise the bed high enough to place the drawers underneath. If you choose to have your bed fully lofted (provided by and outside company) the Over the Bed Shelf will not work but the Desk Hutch is still a good option for adding storage.


Do you deliver to other Universities besides Auburn?

At this time we are only delivering to Auburn University. If you are attending a different school and are interested in our shelving please contact us and let us know.

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